History of the Swedish Vallhund

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SV History

The Swedish Vallhund is a very old Spitz breed. Sweden declared that this breed goes back over 1000 years to the time of the Vikings. Historians believe that during the eight or ninth century the Vikings either brought the Swedish Vallhund to the coast of Wales or took the Pembroke Corgi back to Sweden and interbred them, hence the similarities between the two breeds. The historian, Clifford Hubbard thought that the Swedish Vallhund was the older of the two breeds.

In 1942, the breed was almost extinct. In this year, Bjorn von Rosen, who had worked to save several old Swedish breeds from extinction, remembered the SV from his boyhood and became involved. He and Mr. K.G. Zettersten worked together to save the breed. The men found a few of the old SVs and began a breeding program. In 1943, the Swedish Kennel Club recognized the breed. The SV was known as "Vallhund" which meant "herding dog." In 1964, with the Swedish standard revised, the breed became known as Vastgotaspets after the Swedish province Vastergotland in which the revived breeding originated. SVs are sometimes also referred to as "Spitz of the West Goths." In 1974, the first SV came to England, to Ryslip Kennels. The first two SVs were imported to a private owner in the United States from Starvon Kennel, England in early 1984. Marilyn Thell of Rhode Island, USA, brought two SVs to the United States in July, 1985, and her first litter of nine SVs in the United States was whelped at Jonricker Kennel, September 4, 1986.